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Contemporary Art Jewelry and Metalsmithing Exhibitions

From Hand to Hand: Passing on Skill and Know How in Contemporary European Jewelry New Directions in Jewellery II Masterpieces Of American Jewelry

A listing of exhibitions relating to metals and art jewelry with links if available. If you are an artist, a gallery or museum and want info listed about an upcoming exhibition (or even a past jewelry exhibition which is still online) contact me and I will add it.

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Listing of previous exhibitions

Collections online

Adorn Equip - examines issues around the design of equipment and accessories used by disabled people
Dazzle - Contemporary UK jewellery
Portrait Miniature Collection
Wearing Glass - Contemporary Jewellery and Body Adornment

Victorian and Mourning Jewelry

Art of Mourning
Things Gone By

International exhibitions listing of contemporary jewelry, jewellery, joaillerie, bijoux, bijouterie, schmuck, juwelen, gioielleria, smykker, joyeria, juveler, jalokivikorut, korut, juwelierswerk, juvelerarbejde, klenoty, artists and designers.

Modern Jewelry
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